Get to know 36 types of Hells


There is a description of 36 types of Hells in the mythological text of Hindu religion, Garuda Purana, according to the deeds of a person, he is punished in these different hells. Evidence of these hells is also found in mythological texts like Agni Purana, Kathopanishad. Let us know which are these 36 hells and what kind of punishment is given here.

We have often heard from our elders that do good deeds, you will get merit and you will go to heaven, otherwise you will go to hells. In the stories of many famous texts of Hindu religion, there is mention of heaven and hell along with gods and goddesses. Big wise and great people do severe penance to get heaven.

It is said in the Puranas that the person who speaks the truth and always follows the path of righteousness, after death his soul gets the happiness of heaven. On the other hand, a person who does unrighteousness, violence and speaks untruth has to face the harsh tortures of hells after death. He is fried in a pan of hot oil by the eunuchs, made to lie on burning coals and kept hungry and thirsty.

1. Mahavichi

The hell named Mahavichi is full of blood and it has thorns like Vraj. In this the soul suffers by getting entangled in these thorns. It is said that in this hell the souls of the people who kill cows get punished.

2. Kumbhi Pak

The ground of this hell is made of hot sand and embers. Those souls get punished in this hell who had usurped someone’s land in their human form or the one who killed Brahmins also get punished in this hell.


3. Raurav

People who have been telling untruths all their life or who give false testimony, such people are crushed like a reed in this hell after death.

4. Manjush

In this hell people are punished who had taken the innocent captive. The bars of this hell are made of fire. Where the guilty are put and burnt.

5. Aprathishtha

In this hell those people are punished who had persecuted religious persons. This hell is full of excreta and pus and in this hell the guilty are thrown by hanging upside down.

6. Vilpak

Those Brahmins go to this hell, who had consumed alcohol in their life, in this fire the living being is given a jolt.

7. Mahaprabh

This hell is very high. There is a big problem in this. Those who create differences between husband and wife and separate them, they are put in this hell and pierced with prongs.

8. Jayanti

There is a huge rock in this hell. The one who makes illegal relations with other women in life is buried under this rock.

9. Shalmali

This hell is full of burning thorns. In this hell, those women have to embrace the burning Shalmali tree, who make a relationship with a man. Here the Yamdoots gouge out the eyes of those who make relations with other women and keep evil eye.

10. Maharaurav

Those who set fire to fields, barns, villages, houses etc. are cooked in this hell for ages.

11. Tamisra

In this hell, the Yamdoots punish people who commit crimes like theft with terrible weapons.

12. Asipatra

The leaves of this forest are like swords. Those who cheat friends are put in this forest where the creature becomes sad for years by getting cut from the leaves of this forest.

13. Karambhaluka

This hell is like a well in which hot sand, coals and thorns are lying. Where those who do sinful deeds have to face the tortures here for ten thousand years.

14. Kadmal

The person who does not perform Panchayagya in his whole life is thrown into this hell full of excrement, urine and blood.

15. Kakol

In this hell full of worms and pus, those who eat sweets alone without giving it to others are dropped.

16. Mahavat

This hell is full of dead and insects. In this hell those people are punished who sell their daughters.

17. Tilpak

People who harm others are put in this hell where they are punished by crushing them like oil is extracted from sesame seeds.

18. Mahabhima

This hell is full of rotten flesh and blood and here those people are punished who use meat, alcohol and inedible substances during their lifetime.

19. Til pak

In this hell those people are punished who have tortured animals and because of them innocent animals have been killed.

20. Tel Pak

In this hell, those who do not help the people who have taken shelter are cooked in a pan of oil.

21. Vajrakpat

A whole chain of thunderbolts has been made here. Those who do the business of selling milk, they get harassed here.

22. Nirochvas

There is darkness in this hell, there is no air here. Those who disturb the charity being given are thrown here.

23. Angaropachya

This hell is full of embers. Those who refuse to donate even after promising to donate, they are burnt here.

24. Mahapayi

This hell is full of all kinds of filth. Those who always tell untruth are thrown face down here.

25. Mahajwal

There is fire everywhere in this hell. Those who are always engaged in sin are burnt in it.

26. Gudpak

There are wells of hot jaggery all around in this hell and those who spread caste hybridity are punished in this hell.

27. Krakach

In this hell there are sharp saws and in this hell those people are punished who have committed innumerable sins in their life by keeping wrong company.

28. Kshurdhar

This hell is full of sharp razors. Those who grab the land of Brahmins are cut here.

29. Ambareesh

Here a fire burns like a holocaust. Those who steal gold are burnt in this fire.

30. Vajrakuthar

This hell is full of thunderbolts. Those who cut trees are thrashed here with thunderbolts for a long time.

31. Paritapa

This hell is also full of fire and in this those persons are punished who have poisoned others or stolen honey.

32. Kalasutra

This hell is made of yarn like Vraj and in this those people who have destroyed the agriculture of others are punished. Kashmal: This hell is full of dirt of nose and mouth and those people are dropped in this hell.

Those who are interested in non-vegetarian food.

34. Ugargandha

This is a hell full of saliva, urine, excreta and other filth. Those who do not offer pind daan to the ancestors are brought here.

35. Durdhar

This hell is full of cockroaches and scorpions. Moneylenders and those who do business of interest are sent to this hell.

36. Vrajmahapid

Here people are tortured with heavy Vrajs by Yamadoots, in this hell such people are punished who have never done any good deeds. Those people whose job is to kill others, they are tortured with codes by burning them in the fire by the Yamadoots in this hell. The information given in this article is based on religious beliefs and cosmic beliefs, which

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