Famous Chausath Yogini Temple of ancient times


Chausath Yogini temple is linked to the stories of its history and Tantra methods, which makes it mysterious. At the same time we will also know how this place has become a part of our religious heritage. If you also want to know the secrets of this unique place, then stay connected with us till the end.

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Where it is situated ?

Chausath Yogini Temple is in Mitawali village, near Padawali in Morena district, 40 km from Gwalior. It must have been constructed around 700 years ago i.e. around 1323 AD, the temple was built by Kachhapa king Devpal.

This temple is not only different from all other temples but the design of this temple is also completely different from other temples. On the other hand, the structures of temples are in square and triangular shape, this temple is built in circular shape, in simple words, this temple looks like the Parliament House of India, but the interesting thing is that the Parliament House is named after this temple. It has been created taking inspiration from.


There is a sanctum sanctorum in the middle of the temple, in which a large Shiva Linga is installed and there are Chausath chambers around the sanctum sanctorum, in which each chamber has a Shiva Linga, and outside each chamber there is a statue of a Yogini. In which some idols have been stolen by thieves. And due to fear of theft the remaining statues have been kept in a museum in Delhi.


This temple is built on an approximately 100 feet high hill of Mitawali village, to reach which one has to climb more than 200 stairs. The entire temple stands on 101 pillars, due to which the balance of the entire temple is maintained. And the surprising thing is that the architecture of this temple is such that even after facing many earthquakes, the temple is standing absolutely safe.

History of the temple

When the demon named Raktabeej was creating terror everywhere on the earth, then all the gods and goddesses went to Lord Shiva and narrated their problems to Lord Shiva, then Lord Shiva said to Mother Parvati, now you will kill Raktabeej. Goddess Parvati obeyed Lord Shiva and reached the earth to defeat Raktabeej. Seeing the power of Raktabeej, Maa Parvati took the form of Maa Kali, but when the powers of Raktabeej had increased many times, Maa Kali summoned 64 Yoginis to kill Raktabeej. Then 64 yoginis came and supported Maa Kali and helped her in killing Raktabeej.

But when Raktabeej was killed, all the Yoginis started leaving from there and then they chose a place where they made all 64 Shivalingas in a perfect circle, and one last big Shivalinga was made in the middle of that circle. And got absorbed in the samadhi of Lord Shiva forever.

Related to tantra vidhya

Time passed and in the 13th century, Kachhap king Devpal found Shiva Linga there, then he came to know from the knowledge of Vedas that all these Chausath Shiva Lingas and one big Shiva Linga were made by Yoginis. Then Kachhapa king Devpal built Chausath rooms here and installed Shiva Linga in each room and got the idol of a Yogini made and installed outside each room.

Then in ancient times, education started being given in subjects like Mathematics, Sanskrit, Astrology and Ayurveda and at that time this place started being considered as the best place for education. As time passed, gradually the Tantra Vidya of Lord Shiva and Mother Kali started being taught, but there came a time when this Tantra Vidya turned into deep Kali Vidya. Due to which it also came to be called Tantric University.

Present time

When the dark powers increased beyond limits due to the teachings of Tantra here, it was decided to close this institution, but it is also believed that the Islamic invader Aurangzeb had targeted thousands of Hindu temples during his reign, then Aurangzeb He also targeted this temple and killed all the practitioners of Tantra Vidya or drove them away due to his fear. Due to which this Tantra Vidya ended forever. But when he tried to damage the Shiva Linga and Yogini idol built in the temple, he had to run away from there, fearing the miracle of the Goddess. Because of which this temple is still safe from the attack of Islamic invader Aurangzeb.

But today people from far away places come to this temple to worship Lord Shiva. Due to worship happening here, now there is less influence of dark powers in this place, but even today it is forbidden to stay at night in this temple, and the person who stays at night either dies or becomes mentally insane. Because even today Tantra Vidya is taught in this temple at night, local people believe that even today this temple is covered with the armor of Lord Shiva’s Tantra Sadhana, and people come from all corners of the country and abroad to teach this Tantra Vidya. Come from the corner.

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