Famous Astra and Shastra used in Ancient times


Some weapons come under the category of both normal and divine weapons, but in this article, we will explain about Normal Astra used in ancient times. Many Astra and Shastra have been described in our Puranas. Their number is so large that it is not possible to tell about them all. But some of them are common which we are going to tell you here.


It is also generally called Danda which is considered to be the most accessible weapon. Although its attack does not cause loss of life, it is considered an easy option for self-defense.


It is called spear in the common language. This is the most accessible and frequently used weapon. By placing a pointed iron end on the top of a long stick, it is capable of striking. In any war, an ordinary warrior had only a spear. However many charioteers and excellent warriors also used it. Like Yudhishthir in Mahabharata was the best in its use.


In Hindi, it is called a sword. This is also considered to be the most common and widely available weapon. Everyone, from an ordinary soldier to a Maharathi, had this weapon. Its short forms are Derghak, Narasimha (dagger), Katyayan, Una, Bhujali, Karauli, and Lalak respectively.


This is a very ancient weapon that was first created by the Supreme Father Brahma. Unlike a sword, it has edges on both sides and its size is also much larger than a sword. Not every warrior can wear it. You must have seen various forms of Mother Adishakti along with Khadga.



It comes under the category of both weapon and weapon. Its size is about a yard and its face is said to be like that of a lion. The handle to hold it is generally big. It can also be used like a sword but generally, it is used to attack the enemy by throwing it far.

Dhanush Baan

Bow and arrow fall in the category of weapons but they complement each other. This is also an ancient weapon and archery is kept in the category of sub-Veda. The arrow is placed on the bow and released. However, if the divine weapon is to be used then ordinary bows are not useful in that situation. There have been many archers in history, out of which the names of Arjun and Karna are counted among the best archers.


It can be considered a modern form of Khadga. This is also an ancient weapon but its blade is not as big as that of a sword and its edge is also not on both sides. Parashuram ji was named after this weapon because he always wears it.


This is also a very famous weapon whose shaft is thin and the tip is heavy and round. Its length is stated from the ground to the chest. This is a deadly weapon and its attack causes a painful death to the enemy. Hanuman, Balaram, Bhima, and Duryodhana were famous mace bearers.


It is similar to a spear but is completely made of iron. Its end is very sharp and its attack disintegrates the enemy’s body.


This is also an evolved form of Shool, the only difference is that while Shool has one fruit, Trishul has three fruits. Its attack is worse than colic. That’s why it got this name. Lord Shankar is the most famous trident bearer.


This is a big form of arrow whose mouth is like a snake. Like a spear, its body is made of wood and its head is made of iron. It is generally red. Its handle is shaped like a feather so that it can cut through the air and hit a greater distance.


This is a weapon to tie the enemy, by tying him the enemy becomes helpless. Many types of loops are made from rope or metal. Some nooses made of metal are dangerous and after being entangled, the enemy dies a painful death.


This is a form of sword but is considered older than it.


Its trunk is very heavy and many sharp fruits are growing at the end. Its attack also causes terrible death. Devraj Indra is called Vajradhari.


This is a form of mace which is lighter than it. Being light, it can be thrown far and hit.


It is like a heavy stick with which the enemy is forced. This does not cause loss of life but causes terrible pain.


This is a modern form of mace. Its structure is similar to that of a mace but the end is not round. Like a mace, it is very heavy and its attack also leads to painful death. Nowadays, Mugdar is used for exercise in Akharas.


It is round and has many sharp edges like a saw on its edges. It can be used by keeping it in hand or throwing it away. Lord Vishnu and Shri Krishna are famous Chakra wielders.


This Astra is a modern form of the bow that is made of iron. Iron arrows are fired inside it through a machine. In a way, it is a combined form of bow and arrow. The sharp arrows released from it are called Narach.


It is a weapon similar to a plow and is very big. Its length is said to be five yards. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to lift it. This used to be the favorite weapon of demons and demons.


It is called Barchhi in Hindi. This is also a modern form of spear.


This is also a modern form of sword but it does not have a blade but has many strips of thin metals. With this, many enemies can be killed simultaneously.


This Astra was a bigger form of Kunta. This was not an ordinary weapon and mainly only Balram used it.


This Astra is a form of halberd which is today called an axe.

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