Easy Ways to Remove Evil Eye (Buri Nazar)


Easy Ways to Remove Evil Eye (Buri Nazar)

You must have often heard the elders in the house saying that if the child is troubled then it could also be due to evil eye. In fact, no matter how much we believe in science, the things written in the scriptures cannot be completely denied. For this reason, it is not our superstition but our belief in the scriptures that makes us believe in thinking about things like the evil eye or Najar Dosh.

What is the Evil Eye?

According to astrology, the evil eye can be linked to a kind of negative energy. When it enters the house, it starts having bad effects on the members of the house. The effect of evil eye in children becomes directly visible on their health or their studies.

Not only this, the Evil eye can also be the reason for losses in your business or problems in your job. Science may deny it, but when we talk about scriptures and astrology, some energy around us inspires us to spoil things and this is considered to be an evil eye.


Easy ways to remove Najar

If anything like this is happening in your house or with your children, then you can consider it to be the cause of the evil eye. In such a situation, you can try some easy astrological methods to remove the evil eye. Let’s talk about them.

Casting off Evil Eye using red chillies

If your child is affected by the evil eye and is facing some problems, then you can remove the evil eye with red chilli. For this, take 7 dry red chillies and rotate them 7 times in a clockwise direction over the child’s head and close your eyes and think about removing Evil Eyes.

Burn all these red chillies (red chilli tips) in the fire. Keep in mind that no third person should see this entire process. Dr. Radhakant Vats ji says that with this remedy the evil eye on the child goes away immediately.

Remove Evil eyes with mustard and salt

If a child or any other member is affected by the najar, then take a handful of mustard seeds and a spoonful of salt. Rotate both these things over the child’s head seven times and put them somewhere outside the house like in the garden. With this remedy, one can get rid of the evil eye soon.

Remove your eyes with mustard oil

Children are most affected by the evil eye. That’s why mother always looks down upon them in some way or the other. Because if it is not removed then the child may remain troubled. For this, first, make a long wick of cotton and then dip it in mustard oil. Now rotate this light 7 times in a clockwise direction over the child’s head, after which light this light with a matchstick. Then hold it with tongs and let it burn completely. If a sound comes from it, then understand that the child has lost his sight.

Casting off Najar using salt

To remove the evil eye from the child, take salt in a fist and rotate it over the child’s head 7 times while reciting the mantra of your favourite deity. Do this process with your eyes closed and rotate the salt 7 times from the right hand to the opposite hand and flow the salt in a drain whose path is towards the outside of the house. With this remedy, you will soon get relief from the evil eye.

Casting off Najar using Alum

If the child gets affected, make him lie straight and then take alum in his fist and roll it 7 times from head to toe. After that put this alum (keep alum at these places in the house) in the fire. With the burning of alum, the evil eye will also go away from the child.

Casting off Najar using lemon

If your child is affected by the najar, you can try the easy remedy of lemon to get rid of it. For this, stick 7 cloves in a half-cut lemon and rotate it 7 times over the child’s head and throw it outside the house at a place where no one’s feet should step. You can try this remedy on Tuesday or Sunday.

To remove the evil eye from your child, you can try any of the easy remedies mentioned above. These remedies are based on astrological beliefs and have no scientific logic, but no negative effects can be seen in astrology.

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