Dronagiri villagers are still angry with Hanuman ji


Pawansut Hanuman ji is a worshipable god in the whole world because he is going to provide strength and wisdom to the whole world. But you will be surprised to know that there is such a village in our own country where every villager is still angry with Hanuman ji. What could be the reason for the anger of the villagers ? This wonderful village is located near Joshimath in Chamoli district in the Uttarakhand state of India. The name of this village is Dronagiri Village.

Related to Dronagiri mountain

This is the same mountain village where Hanuman ji went to collect Sanjeevani herbs to save the life of Laxman ji, the younger brother of Lord Shri Ram. Hanuman Ji did the same thing that Sushen Vaidya had suggested to him. Then he had to save the life of his Lord Shri Ram’s brother Lakshman ji.

But knowingly or unknowingly the villagers became very angry with Hanuman ji because he took away the Dronagiri mountain of their village for Sanjivani Booti, which the villagers worshiped like a deity. In factHanuman ji also don’t know that the people of the village worship Dronagiri mountain, otherwise he would have taken only that medicine plant after asking again the identity of Sanjivani Booti from that gentle lady found near Dronagiri mountain.


What happened that night ?

When Hanuman ji carried away the Dronagiri mountain overnight, then on waking up the next day in the morning, all the villagers were very surprised that where did such a huge Dronagiri mountain disappear overnight? At first, they thought that perhaps it was the work of some demon who had made the entire Dronagiri mountain disappear with his demonic power. Because that demon wants to disturb the worship of Dronagiri mountain by us.

But when the villagers heard the whole story of Hanuman ji lifting the Dronagiri mountain from a woman from their village, they were astonished. The woman of the village told that she had come from home to pay obeisance to Dronagiri mountain as usual in Brahma Muhurta. It was dark all around at that time when the woman saw Hanuman ji around Dronagiri mountain, she was surprised. He thought for what purpose this monkey king has come to our village today? When Hanuman ji gave his full introduction and told that the life of Lakshman ji, brother of Shri Ram, the king of Ayodhya, is in danger.

He is lying unconscious on the ground due to the arrow of Shakti, if Sanjeevani herb is not given to him before morning, then it will be difficult for him to survive. That woman of Dronagiri village was overwhelmed after hearing the whole story of Hanuman ji. She agreed to help Lord Rama.

The old lady helped Hanuman ji

He told Hanuman ji about Dronagiri mountain and the identity of Sanjeevani Booti of that mountain but Hanuman ji could not recognize Sanjeevani Booti in the dark of night. Then there was a hurry to deliver Sanjivani Booti to him before dawn. That’s why he carried the entire Dronagiri mountain and walked away. After listening to that woman, the villagers became very angry with that woman and Hanuman Ji.

The anger is till now

Because she had told the identity of the Sanjivani herb growing on that Dronagiri mountain. The displeasure of that day of Treta Yug is still present among the villagers. That’s why even today the people of Dronagiri village are angry with Hanuman ji for taking Dronagiri mountain with them.They never take his name not even use a red or kesariya flag in village.

Along with this, the villagers are also angry with the caste of women because it was only a woman who told Hanuman ji the address of Sanjivani Booti. Due to her there revered mountain got away from his village. Even today, on the occasion of worship in that village, women are often kept away from Pooja. Everyone gets surprised to hear this story of Dronagiri village.

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