What will change for every Indian after removing article 370?

As we know central Government revoked Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir and take away Jammu and Kashmir’s special status. Now State Jammu and Kashmir divided into Two Union Territories.
First is Union territory Jammu and Kashmir with the legislature and Second is Union territory Ladakh without legislature.
Now we have 9 Union Territories.

What will change after article scrapping of Article 370

What is Article 370?

Article 370 is a ‘temporary provision’ which grants Jammu and Kashmir an autonomous status and limits Parliament power to make laws for the state. Under part XXI of the constitution titled “Temporary, transitional and special provisions”, Article 370 is categorized as a “temporary provision with respect to the state of Jammu and Kashmir”.

What is a Union Territory?

A Union Territory is an administrative division governed by the Union Government. Since it is directed by the Union Government, hence its name is Union Territory.

What is Union Territory with a legislature?

Such Union territories have an elected Chief Minister and a council of minister. They have the partial status of statehood and have a Lieutenant Governor and a legislature. Lieutenant Governor is a representative of the president and acts on the aid of the Council of Ministers but he does not need the approval of the Council of Ministers in every matter.
Puducherry, Delhi, Jammu, and Kashmir (as proposed by the Government) is the Union territory with the legislature.

What is Union Territory without legislature?

Such Union territories do not have a Chief Ministers and ruled by the Union Government through the Lieutenant Governor.
Chandigarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, Lakshadweep, Andaman and Nicobar, Ladakh(as proposed by Government) is the Union territory without legislature.

What will change in Jammu and Kashmir now?

  • Separate Constitution.
  • Right to buy a property.
  • Law and order Situation.
  • Central laws.
  • Separate flag.

Separate Constitution

Earlier, Jammu and Kashmir was the only state with its separate constitution that gives Jammu and Kashmir a special status. But now after the revoking of Article 370 Jammu and Kashmir will adhere to the Constitution of India.
Right to buy property

Earlier, Article 35A, which is based on Article 370, empowered the Jammu and Kashmir people to ‘permanent residents’ and grant them special rights and privileges. Means no people outside of Jammu and Kashmir can not buy property in J&K. But now after the scrapping of Article 370 people from outside J&K will also able to buy property in J&K and settle here.
Law and order Situation

Earlier, Law and order were under the control of state government. But Now after revoking Article 370 and the bifurcation of the state Jammu and Kashmir into two UT’s which is J&k and Ladakh. The Union Government can structure the power-sharing model on the lines of either Delhi or Puducherry.
Central laws

Earlier, the central govt. had to seek approval of the state to draft and enact laws. Now after revoking Article 370 central laws will automatically apply to the J&k.
Separate flag

Earlier, Article 370 granted J&K to have its own flag with the national flag. Now after revoking article 370 parliament will decide if the J&k can continue having its own flag or not.

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