Aghori- The Shiva Tribe


Some words are such that as soon as they fall in the ears, they present such an image in the mind, which becomes a bit difficult to understand. But they attract. The same is the case with the word Aghor or Aghori. The meaning of the word Aghori in Sanskrit has been described as ‘toward the light’.

Meaning of Aghor

On the other hand, Aghor means A+Ghor, that is, which is not fierce and is simple. Although their appearance is really scary. But in the language of spirituality, the first action to become an Aghor is to remove hatred from the mind. Aghori lives comfortably in Shamshaan and learns tantra rituals. Generally, the things which society hates, Aghori adopt them.

Lord Shiva as Aghor

Lord Shiva has been called Aghornath in Shvetashvataropanishad. Aghori Baba also worships this form of Lord Shiva. Baba Bhairavnath is also worshiped by the Aghoris. Know about the unknown aspect related to the mysterious world of Aghoris. Who are Aghoris, what do they eat, how is their life, and those things that make Aghoris different from other sadhaks?


Lord Shiva has been considered the progenitor of Aghor Pant. Avdhoot Lord Dattatreya, an incarnation of Shivji, has also been considered as the Guru of Aghorshastra. The Aghor sect is the followers of Lord Shiva. According to them, Shiva is complete in himself and exists in all forms.

Aghoris eat raw meat

It is said that the Aghoris themselves have accepted the fact that they live in crematoriums and eat the flesh of half-burnt dead bodies. Although this thing may seem gruesome to the general public, it is believed that doing so strengthens the power of Aghoris’ tantra action.

Aghori worship Shiva and dead body

There is also an ‘Aghor’ in the five forms of Shiva. Aghori only worships Lord Shiva. Along with this, they also do sadhana while sitting near the dead body. Because this dead body is called the way to attain Shiva. They offer meat and liquor of the dead body in their meditation. Standing on one leg, worship Lord Shiva and perform Havan sitting in the crematorium.

Makes physical relation with the dead body

There is a popular belief that Aghori Babas make physical relation with the dead body and the Aghori themselves also accept this fact. He considers this as a way of worshiping Shiva and Shakti. They believe that if the mind is engaged in devotion to God during physical activity with the dead body, then it is the highest level of sadhana.

Aghoris does not follow celibacy

Where other sages and saints follow celibacy, Aghori does not follow celibacy. Not only dead bodies but also Aghoris make relations with the living. They make a physical relationship between the drums by wrapping ashes on the body. Not only this, when a woman’s menstruation is going on, then they especially make physical relations. This action is also considered a part of sadhana. It is believed that this increases the power of the Aghoris.

Aghori wears Narmund

Aghoris always keeps Narmund i.e. human skull with them, it is called ‘Kapalika’. Being followers of Shiva, Aghori keep Narmund and use it as their food vessel. There is a belief behind this that, once Lord Shiva cut off the head of Lord Brahma and went around the whole universe with his head.

The mysterious world of Aghoris

Aghori is a part of the Hindu religion. That’s why they are called the Aghori sect or Aghor Pant. Aghoris are reside in all over the country. But the maximum number of Aghori are found in Kashi and Varanasi. There are three branches of Aghoris – Aughad, Sarbhangi, and Ghure Aghoris. Kinaram Aghori is called Baba of Aghoris. He was the disciple of Kaluram. Kinaram Baba Aghori composed Gitavali, Viveksara and Ramgita. Keenaram died in 1826.

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