By the word Lucifer, we and even the small children know that it is the Devil that helps in making people do evil things which are against the law and God.

It is believed by many Christians that Lucifer was a beautiful Angel once but He despised the Lord and was thrown to hell from Heaven and made to suffer in the world of fire.

Before Lucifer was sent down to hell from heaven, the Lord had made him a beautiful angel with the talent of being very creative on the perfect stage.

Because Lucifer was praised for his intelligence, beauty, and pride that, he got into sin for getting what Lord has and in ruling the whole Universe.

Lucifer tried his best to get God’s place but failed as he was defeated by Archangel Micheal, where God was not involved in it.

God himself took off Lucifer’s power and beauty and put him down to the world of fire which is named Hell.

According to Christianity beliefs, Lucifer was classified and known as the devil or Satan.

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Satan is God’s Opponent and not the opposite. We think that Satan is God's left-hander, but the fact is that they are not.