Archangel Michael is an Angel that is one of the most loved Angel of God. He loved being in the presence of God and doing what God intends him to do.

According to the scriptures, Michael is referred to as “The Chief Prince” of the Heavens. He is one of God’s love ‘Chief Angel’.

Main mission of Michael is to protect the people of Isreal. God has said in the book of Daniel of the Bible that there will be no one beside Him who contends against these princes except Michael Archangel.

Michael was the one who went into the dream of Mother Mary to tell her the message that she is having the Holy Baby in her womb and will be named Jesus.

Being the Prince of Angels, he was sent to Moses, Jacob, Abraham, and other peoples that were throughout the history of the world.

Michael was made Archangel by God as he was doing only what is being according to God’s will and what is right.

Even though Archangel Michael, fights battles during end times, he is not more powerful than the Messiah.

Michael is seen as a sword warrior who is against the demons. As per the Christians, the blade is regarded as the sword of words and a great piece of the full armor of God.