Who are The Seven Princes of Hell

The Seven Princes of Hell are related to each of the seven deadly Sins.

The Lord of the fire is also known as a demon of "Laziness". Belphegor had once been a powerful Archangel named "Ball-Peor".


Azazel was among the Fallen Angels who rebelled against God. At the dawn of time Azazel was carnally related to the woman who lived on earth.


Mammon was one of the many Pre-Christian deities. He started to be seen as devilish figure associated with the sin of Greed


Beelzebub is associated with the figure a baal. A former semetic God of fertility and merger of the Lord of the Flies.


Asmodeus is one of the most powerful infernal demons. His origin is found in the most impure man that ever existed..


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Leviathan is a dreadful creature that lives in the depths of the Mediterranean. His massive power awakens fear in the hearts of men.


Lucifer the leader of the Angels who rebelled against God. Lucifer was the most beautiful of all celestial beings.