Spirit possession takes place when the spirit, ghosts, demons, etc. controls the human body. This concept is prevalent in many cultures and religions.

Spirits can possess humans by entering into the body and taking control of their minds and body. They do it by casting a magical spell.

Possession may be voluntary or involuntary depending upon the cultural context in which it happens. It may have a detrimental or beneficial effect on the host.

Types of possession

There are several types of possession Mentioned. In next slides there are some of the types are given:

Spirit possession

The most common form of possession is a possession which happens when a spirit jumps into another's body through magic spells. It gives them full control over the host body.

Metaphysical possession

It is another possession where supernatural species possess a body with natural abilities and they don't need witches for that.

Demonic possession

It is the control of a demon on the human body. Demonic possession includes erased memories, fits, convulsions, and fainting as if one is dying.

Spiritual possession

It is a type of possession where when someone passes away and becomes earthbound. That spirit begins to feed off of the energy of a physical being.