How to Protect Your Family from the Evil Spirit?

Ghosts are just Subtle bodies of the persons who had fatal death before their scheduled time of death.

Since Ghosts can't directly attack a person, they usually enter into the body of any weak-hearted person or sinful person and then act through that person.

Ghosts or evil spirits have no fingers and nails. Therefore, they can't cause cute in the body.

Many ghosts just pass some vibrations by being situated in the house of their enemy. So, the consciousness of those householders will change negatively.

Chanting God's name keep the evil spirits away and they can't remain in that place because they usually do not like to hear about God.

Bathing daily and keeping your inner heart filled with God's thoughts will protect you from Evil Spirit.

Bring yourself to Satva Guna Follow pure vegetarian food will help you to protect yourself from evil Spirit.