Asi , Sword of Drona appears as a personification of the first weapon ever created according to Hindu epics. 'Asi' means 'sword'. A legend concerning Asi appears in theShanti Parva book of the Mahabharata.[In Rigvedic Sanskrit Asi is still used as a term for a kind of sacrificial dagger or knife.

 Chandrahas ,  Sword of Lord Shiva. The divine sword Chandrahas (literally the laughter of the moon but referring to the shape formed by a crescent moon which resembles a smile) was given to Ravana by Lord Shiva, who was pleased by Ravana's intense devotion. Ravana gave this sword to Indrajit on different occasions especially to fight against Devas.

  Kharga - The Sword of Kali, which slaughters demons indiscriminately and without mercy.

Nandaki is the sword of the Hindu god Vishnu. Nandaka is generally depicted in images where Vishnu is represented with more than his usual four arms. The sword is compared to knowledge in Hindu scriptures.

 Girish A special sword of Shiva with unique characteristics. Girisha is also a name of Lord Shiva, given because of his abode in the Himalayan Mountains. It means, “The Lord of the Mountains” in Sanskrit; ‘Giri’ means Mountain and ‘Ish’ means God