Yu Huang is the supreme ruler of Heaven in Chinese Mythology also known as the Jade Emperor. He is one of the most important Gods in the Chinese Pantheon and is often depicted with a white beard and a long golden robe.

Fuxi is one of the oldest gods in Chinese Mythology considered one of the three that held in creating the world. According to Legend Fuxi was responsible for teaching humans basic survival skills including fishing hunting farming and Medicine.

 Nüwa is an important goddess in Chinese Mythology. According to Legend, She is responsible for creating Humanity from yellow clay giving it the ability to reproduce and grow as a species. She is credited with establishing the world and repairing the pillars of heaven when they fell down.

 Shennong is one of the strongest Gods in Chinese mythology associated with medicine and healing plans. He is considered one of the three kings who helped create Chinese civilization He is depicted as a man with an ox or dragon head.

 Guanyin is one of the most popular deities in Chinese mythology considered the Goddess of mercy and compassion. She is depicted as a female figure with multiple arms symbolizing her ability to save many people simultaneously

  Chang’e is an important Goddess in Chinese mythology associated with the moon. She is depicted as a beautiful woman wearing a jade Tiara. According to Legend Chang’e fell in love with the Mortal Archer Hou Yi, the skilled Bowman was tasked with protecting the world against the attack of 10 Firebirds that burnt everything in their path.

 Leigong is the God of thunder and lightning in Chinese mythology. He is considered a Divine judge in charge of punishing those who violate laws and ethical principles.

 Xiwangmu also known as the Queen Mother of the West is one of the oldest and most revered deities in Chinese mythology.

 Nezha is a unique figure in Chinese mythology associated with protection courage and loyalty. He is depicted as a young Warrior or even as a child with magical powers and superhuman abilities such as controlling fire and wind.

 Sun Wukong is the famous Monkey King from Chinese mythology. He is a central character in The Classic Chinese novel “The Journey to the West” written during the Ming Dynasty. In the story, Sun Wukong is born of a Magic Stone and is trained by a Taoist Master to become a powerful fighter and martial arts master.