Most Powerful Weapons Of Hindu Mythology

Trishula (Trident)

Trishul is the most powerful weapon personally wielded by Lord Shiva or Goddess Shakti.

Sudarshana Chakra

A disc-like weapon resembling a circle with 108 sharp edges, God Vishnu wields Sudarshan chakra.


Brahmastra is another one of the lethal weapons existing in Hindu folklore. It is created by God Brahma.

Rudra Astra

Rudra Astra is more like the most dangerous part of god Shiva’s body, named as the third eye of Shiva.

Narayan Astra

Narayan Astra is one of the deadliest and powerful weapons of Hindu mythology used by Lord Vishnu in his Narayan avatar.


Pashupatastra is one of the most devastating and deadliest weapons ever known to humanity.


Vajrayudha or vajra is the personal weapon of Lord Indra, which releases thunderbolts.