By the word haunted itself, we all will think it is a place where we see ghosts or occupied by the dead, who were either killed or those who committed suicide.

Kuldhara is situated in Rajasthan, India. Here it is not safe to visit when you are alone. You have to either come with one or two people along with you or in a group.

Kuldhara Rajasthan

In between Venice and Lido, there is a place that is fully abandoned, where when once visited will give you a fearing experience and will never think of coming back for a visit to this place.

Poeglia Island

People are allowed to visit here only with the help of the guided tour and also one can learn about who the prisoners were and what they did to come in here.

Alcatraz Island

When you enter the Island of Dolls, you will be experiencing the Halloween effect here. You will have to see the dolls that are being hung at trees when you pass by.

Island of Dolls

The Isle of Wight, England offers stunning scenery with dramatic cliffs and unspoiled countryside. This fascinating and historic destination, however, is also full of supernatural stories and attracts thousands of ‘ghost hunters’ every year.

Isle of Wight

Hoi- Baciu Forest

The view of Hoi- Baciu Forest, Romania itself is scary. Some of the local legends say that spirits and ghosts wander around the trees, and flocks of sheep sometimes appear and vanish among the woods.

Norfolk Island

Situated in the Pacific Ocean, Norfolk Island is a small island located 1,400 kilometers east of mainland Australia. During the 19th century, it was home to some of the world’s most violent criminals and the island is rumoured to be haunted.