Kraken is a legendary sea monster from Scandinavian mythology that is believed to inhabit the coasts of Norway and Greenland. According to the myth, this giant creature is notorious for attacking and sinking ships, dragging them into the depths of the ocean.

 A sea monster that appears in various mythologies, including the Bible and Jewish mythology. In these legends, Leviathan is often depicted as a giant sea serpent or dragon that inhabits the depths of the ocean.

 In Greek mythology, Sirens were creatures that lived on rocky islands and were said to lure sailors to their death with their enchanting voices. These half-bird, half-woman creatures had beautiful voices that could entice even the most seasoned sailors, causing them to crash their ships on the rocky shores of their islands.

 It is a sea monster from Greek mythology that was believed to inhabit the Strait of Messina and create powerful whirlpools that could swallow entire ships. In legend, Charybdis was a daughter of Poseidon, and her voracious appetite led her to drink too much seawater, causing her to become a monster.

 In Babylonian mythology, Tiamat was a sea monster and goddess of chaos and creation. She was depicted as a giant dragon with multiple heads and a body covered in scales. According to legend, Tiamat and her consort Apsu gave birth to the gods, but they later rebelled against their parents and killed Apsu.

 In Japanese mythology, Kappa is a creature that is believed to live in rivers and ponds. It is often depicted as a humanoid turtle with a beak, a shell on its back, and webbed hands and feet.

 In Hindu mythology, Matsya is considered as the first avatar or incarnation of Lord Vishnu, one of the most important deities in the Hindu pantheon. According to the legend, Matsya appeared on earth in the form of a giant fish with a horn on its forehead to save the first man, Manu, from a great flood that was about to destroy the world.