Is Your House Haunted? Signs of a Haunted House

Unexplained drops in temperature, known as cold spots, are a common sign of paranormal activity. These chilling areas are believed to be caused by spirits draining energy from the surroundings.

Strange and unpleasant odors, such as the scent of rotting flesh or sulfur, can be an indication of a haunted house. These mysterious smells often arise without any logical explanation.

Ghostly entities are known to disrupt electronic devices, causing unexplained malfunctions, flickering lights, or random appliance activations.

The eerie sound of footsteps, as if someone is walking when no one is there, is a classic sign of a haunted house. These phantom footsteps often echo through empty hallways or on staircases.

Hearing voices or whispers when no one else is around is a spine-chilling phenomenon commonly reported in haunted houses. These disembodied voices often carry messages or unintelligible murmurs.

Sensations of being constantly observed, accompanied by a feeling of unease or paranoia, are often experienced in haunted houses. 

Mysterious scratches, bruises, or bite marks appearing on your body without any logical explanation can be attributed to spirits with malicious intent.

Haunted houses are often associated with strange temporal phenomena. Clocks stopping or running at unusual speeds, time gaps, or losing track of time altogether can all be indicators of a house haunted by supernatural forces.

Sensations of being touched, such as a light brush against the skin or a gentle tug on clothing, without any visible source, can be an alarming sign of a haunting.