According to the Greek Mythology Zeus is the Supreme God. On his throne on Mount Olympus he reigns over the Universe.

Zeus is the son of the titans Cronus and Rhea. His father Cronus was the God who reigned before the birth of Zeus.

Have you ever thought that if Cronus was the Supreme God than How Zeus became The Supreme God of Greek Mythology?

In a prophecy, Cronus foresaw that one of his sons would be more powerful than him and he dethrone him.

To avoid this fate Cronus devoured his children after birth but Zeus manage to escape after his birth. To deceive Cronus his mother Rhea caused the Cronus to swallow a stone instead of the baby Zeus.

Zeus was secretly raised and breastfed by Amalthea. As an adult, Zeus challenged his father Cronus and freed his brothers Poseidon and Hades, who were imprisoned in Cronus's stomach.

A great war between Gods and Titans broke out in a conflict that became known as Titanomachy which was a ten-year series of battles.

After the victory over the Titans Zeus became The Supreme God of Greek Mythology. Zeus also shared power with his brothers.