Odin is the Supreme God in Norse mythology. He reigns from high above on his throne in Asgard. We know Odin for his power and strength in battle but he always favored wisdom above all else.

Odin Represents both war and poetry, the depths of Odin’s complexity as the all-father in Norse mythology knew no bounds.

But Have you ever wondered how the great God Odin came to have only one eye?  It may surprise you that he gave his eye willingly and lost his eye.

One day Odin found himself deeply troubled, whispers of war and prophecies of Ragnarok keeping him continuously on edge.

At that time he was aware that he did not know everything so he thought that he required more knowledge to navigate through such difficult times.

Odin was Aware of the existence of a magical well that was said to grant infinite wisdom from its waters. So he set off and disguised himself as an old wanderer into the world.

After arriving at the great world tree "Yggdrasil". Beneath its roots lay the "Well of Urd" also known as well of knowledge.  Mimir lived in that place. Mimir was the keeper of that "Well of Urd"

Odin entered the chamber and asked Mimir if he may drink from the waters and gain its wisdom. Mimir replied that he may drink, but only if he was willing to pay the price.

Mimir said the price for drinking "Well of Urd" water is is your right eye. You must be plucked your right eye out and throw it into the well.

Odin agreed to the terms. He Plucked his right-eyed out and placed his eyes inside the water of the well. The pain of Odin was so loud that it echo throughout the Universe.