Panchjanya: This was the famous conch of Shri Krishna. When Shri Krishna and Balram completed their education in the ashram of Maharishi Sandipani, they asked for their dead son as Gurudakshina. Then both the brothers went inside the sea where Shri Krishna killed the demon named Shankhasura. Then after his death, his conch (shell) remained which Shri Krishna kept with himself. He became famous by the name of Panchjanya. A detailed article about this will be published later on Dharmasansar.

 Ganganabha: This was the famous conch of Gangaputra Bhishma which he received from his mother Ganga. Ganganabha means "sound of Ganga" and when Bhishma used to blow this conch, its terrible sound would strike fear in the hearts of the enemies. The Mahabharata war was started by Shri Krishna on behalf of Pandavas by playing Panchjanya and Bhishma on behalf of Kauravas by playing Gangabha.

 Hiranyagarbha: This was the conch shell of Suryaputra Karna. It is said that he had received this conch from his father Suryadev. Hiranyagarbha means beginning of creation and there is also a reference to it as Jyestha. Karna was also the eldest son of Kunti.

 Anantvijay: This was the conch of Maharaj Yudhishthir whose sound went till infinity. Taking this conch as a witness, the four Pandavas conquered the world and expanded Yudhishthir's empire to infinity. Dharmaraj had given this conch to Yudhishthir.

 Vidarak: This was the terrible conch shell of the great warrior Duryodhana. Vidarak means one who tears apart or causes extreme pain. This conch was also as per its name in nature, whose sound used to shatter the hearts of enemies. Duryodhana had obtained this conch from the border of Gandhara.

 Paundra: This was the famous conch of Mahabali Bhima. Its size was very huge and leave alone playing it, no one except Bhimsen could even pick it up. Its sound was so terrible that its vibrations would drive away the excreta and urine of not only humans, but also horses and even cows. It is said that when Bhima used to play it with full force, half of the enemy's force would be destroyed by its sound. Bhima had received this conch from Naglok.

 Devdutt: This was Arjun's famous conch which was as powerful as Panchajanya. Varundev himself had given this conch to Arjun as a boon. The one wearing this conch could never be defeated in the religious war. When Panchjanya and Devdutt were played together, the enemies would leave the battlefield and start fleeing. Sughosh: This was the conch of Madriputra Nakul. True to its name, this conch used to destroy any negative power.

 Manipushpak: This was the conch shell of Sahadev. This conch shell studded with gems and beads was extremely rare. Nakul and Sahadeva had received their conch shells from the Ashwini Kumars. Yangghosh: This was the conch of Draupadi's brother Dhrishtadyumna which was born from fire along with her and was similar to fire in brightness. With the sound of this conch, he used to lead the Pandava army.