Satyuga Total time: 4800 divine years or 1728000 human years. sin:0 part Virtue: 20 parts Average age of humans: 100000 years Average height of humans: 21 hands (about 33 feet, 6 inches) Characters: Golden Material: Gemstone Prana: cosmic Pilgrimage: Pushkar Women: Padmini and devotion to husbands Solar eclipse: 32000 times Lunar eclipse: 5000 times Varna: 4, everyone was engrossed in their religion. Brahmin: Chaturvedi (those who read 4 Vedas). Step: 4 (1200 divine years x 4) Avatar: 4 Matasya Kurma Varaha Narasimha

Treta Yuga Total time: 3600 celestial years or 1296000 human years. Sin: 5 parts Virtue: 15 parts Average age of humans: 10000 years Average height of humans: 14 hands (about 22 feet, 4 inches) Characters: Silver Material: Gold prana: asthenic Pilgrimage: Naimisharanya Women: Patience Solar eclipse: 3200 times Lunar eclipse: 500 times Characters: 4, all were busy in their respective work. Brahmin: Trivedi (those who read 3 Vedas). Step: 3 (1200 divine years x 3) Avatar: 3 Vamana Parshuram Sriram

 Dwapara Yuga Total time: 2400 divine years or 864000 human years. sin: 10 parts Virtue: 10 parts Average age of humans: 1000 years Average height of humans: 7 feet (about 11 feet, 2 inches) Vessel: Copper Material: Silver Prana: dermal Pilgrimage: Kurukshetra Women: Shankhini Solar eclipse: 320 times Lunar eclipse: 50 times Characters: 4, the system had become corrupted. Brahmin: Dwivedi (those who read 2 Vedas). Step: 2 (1200 divine years x 2) Avatar: 2 Balram: Most people consider Gautam Buddha to be the incarnation of Vishnu which is wrong. Read about it in detail here. Sri Krishna

 Kali Yuga Total time: 1200 divine years or 432000 human years. Sin: 15 parts Virtue: 5 parts Average age of humans: 100 years Average height of humans: 3.5 hands (about 5 feet, 6 inches) Character: Soil Material: Copper Currency: Iron Pilgrimage: Ganga Prana: Annamaya Varna: Four, all will be free from their karma. Brahmin: 1 There will be those who read the Vedas, that is, knowledge will disappear. Step: 1 (1200 divine years x 1) Avatar: 1 Kalki: He will be born in the house of Brahmin Vishnuyash of Sambhal village (Uttar Pradesh). Lord Parshuram would become his guru. At the end of Kaliyuga, Ganga will merge with the earth and Lord Vishnu will abandon the earth.