Benefits of Wearing a Tulsi Mala

Tulsi is very dear to Lord Krishna, that's why the devotees of Lord Vishnu wears Tulsi mala around their neck.

Wearing Tulsi Mala brings purity in both mind and sound.

Wearing Tulsi Mala also increase honor, prestige and self respect.

By wearing Tulsi Mala the body may feel good electric communication, which helps a lot in healthy blood circulation.

By wearing Tulsi Mala Planet Mercury and Jupiter keep clam & strong and provides positive benefits.

After wearing Tulsi Mala spiritual energy increases and People consider themselves closer to God.

Those people whose mind wonders and does not feel like working should wear Tulsi mala. Wearing it also provided peace of mind.

Wearing a Tulsi mala puts pressure on certain Acupressure points of the body, which helps us to stay calm in difficult situation.