1. Vakratunda- The Curved Trunk If you see Ganesha pictured with a curved trunk, you can assume this is a celebration of Ganesha’s first lifetime. Basically, Vakratunda was the Ganesha who slayed the demon Matsarasura, and his vehicle is the lion on which he is seated.

 2. Ekadanta – One Tusked📷 In this avatar, he had four arms, one tooth, a huge belly and his head was like an elephant. Once Parashurama had visited Lord Shiva and wanted darshan of him. But Ganesh refused him entry and they challenged each other to a fight. 

3. Mahodara -  The third avatar was of Mahodara who vanquished Mohasura, the demon of Delusion and Confusion. The Mahodara avatar is an embodiment of the wisdom of Brahman. In this form the Lord is depicted with a pot belly and His mount is a mouse (shrew). Mahodara is an amalgamation of Vakratunda and Ekadanta forms.

4. Gajanana – The God with an elephant face The combination of an elephant head with a human body is one of the unique physical features of Lord Ganesha. In this avatar, the Lord defeated the demon of greed, Lobhasura, who was the son of Lord Kuber.

5. Lambodara – The lord with a protuberant belly Ganesha’s ever-present obesity is emphasized in this particular manifestation. For the Ganapatiya devotees, who consider Ganesha as the Supreme God and the Master of the Universe, the sweet given as offerings are seen like seeds of innumerable worlds inhabited by innumerable living creatures, and the god’s belly is large enough to contain within all these worlds and creatures.

 6. Vikata – The Mishappen This manifestation of Lord Ganesh is renowned for the subjugation of Kamasura; who was the personification of lust. The Devas were quite miserable as Kamasura had also become the leader of the three Lokas.

7.  Vighnaraja – Remover of obstacle This is His most popular avatar. In this avatar he had an even more unusual mode of conveyance, Seshnag. One day when Parvati Devi was relaxing in the company of her friends.

 8. Dhumravarna His life mission this time around was to defeat the demon Ahamkarasur, the demon of self-infatuation. It is worth noting that the word “Aham” means the human ego. Aham is the demonic force which grips the human mind like a vice, with cruelty and deception, and never let go until the very bitter end.