Two Shivlingas, three Ganesha, two conch shells, two Surya idols, three Goddess idols, two Gomti Chakras or two Shaligrams should not be worshiped in the worship room.

 The home must have a statue that is 9 inches (22 cm) or smaller. An idol bigger than this is not auspicious for the house. It should be installed in the temple itself.

 Goddess should be circumambulated once, Surya seven times, Ganesha three times, Vishnu four times and Shiva circumambulated half.

 While performing Aarti, one should rotate 12 times in front of Lord Vishnu, 7 times in front of Sun, 9 times in front of Durga, 11 times in front of Shankar and 4 times in front of Ganesha.

 While worshiping, one should not sit on the ground without a seat.

 At the time of construction of a building, the foundation stone should first be laid in the southeast direction. The remaining construction should be done in circumambulation order. The foundation should not be laid during midday, midnight or evening.

 Low lying land in East, North and North-East direction is very auspicious for everyone. Low lands in other directions are harmful for everyone.

 If there is a banyan tree in the north of the house, a banyan tree in the east, a sycamore tree in the south and a peepal tree in the west, then it is very auspicious. However, care should be taken that the shadow of the tree does not fall on the house.

 Nowadays people use the material removed from the old house in the new house, which is very harmful. In a new house, new bricks, iron, stone, clay and wood should be installed.

 While sleeping, the head should always be kept in the east or south direction.